Made in Peru

Cable Cardigan (Hand knitted)


Cable Cardigan by I Love Mr Mittens, an oversized cardigan with cable epic proportions.

100% Wool

ONE SIZE - Chest width 71cm, body length 81cm, sleeve length 45cm

Lambswool is quite literally wool from lambs. The young sheep provide soft, fine wool that makes for great clothing and home items. While a grown up sheep's wool is notorious for its potential itchiness, lambswool is generally softer and less likely to cause skin irritation. 

This wool is the highest quality sheep’s wool, as the diameter is finer and the wool requires minimal processing due to the staples being 50mm or shorter. As a result, the fibres are stronger, smoother and are able to hold more elasticity.

Lambswool is a sustainable natural fibre; it is naturally renewable, recyclable and bio-degradable. 

lamsbwool benefits of wearing

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