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Vicuna: The Gold of the Andes

Posted on July 05 2017

The Finest Fibre in Existence
The vicuña is a relative of the llama and lives exclusively in South America, primarily on the high alpine plateaus of the central Andes.

The vicuña's thick but soft coat is a special adaptation which traps layers of warm air close to its body, so it can tolerate the freezing temperatures.
Vicuña's have the finest coat of any animal ‐ its fibres are about half the thickness of the finest wools. To preserve this beautiful fibre in its purest and softest state, it is only available in its natural rich tobacco shade.
For years, the popularity of vicuña threatened the animal's very existence. Now, however, the vicuña population has recovered and Johnstons of Elgin supports conservation programmes to ensure the continued prosperity of the herds.

We are committed to the sustainability of all the fibres we use, and we are proud to work with Peruvian farmers and communities to ensure these unique animals can continue to flourish.
Johnstons of Elgin vicuña and cashmere scarves and stoles are constructed by combining unique mixes of yarns in warp and weft to create stunning designs with a contempory feel.

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