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Cashmere/Possum Blend. What is it? Why is it so special?

Posted on March 08 2018

Cashmere Possum Blend
What is it? And why is it so special?
What is Cashmere Possum Knitwear?
Cashmere Possum Knitwear is a fibre unique to New Zealand. It is a blend of cashmere fibre and brushtail possum down to create a luxurious, light weight yarn. This yarn can come mixed with merino wool and or mulberry silk to create garments with luxurious drape and unrivalled durability.

As the colder months start to creep up on us, we shake out our go to winter layering pieces and go in search of our new winter wardrobe staples and what better way to do it then supporting local production and innovation?

Our cashmere possum collection is from The Untouched World. These pieces are considered, sophisticated and timeless, adding a decadence to any wardrobe. The collection includes gloves and scarves as well as ponchos, pullovers and versatile wraps. Untouched World is made in their own knitting mill, ensuring quality control and work practices are monitored.

Cashmere Fibre
Traditionally, cashmere is one of the ultra-luxury fibres of the world. We are captivated by the pure beauty and extreme softness of cashmere fibres. Our Cashmere Possum uses only 15.2 micron Mongolian cashmere fibre.
Possum Down
Possum Down is unique in its ability to insulate, it is also impossible to freeze, similar only to the polar bear fur. Possum down is a hollow fibre so traps air inside and insulates the wearer. . Mixed with cashmere, this creates extreme warmth and a silky soft texture.

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