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Cashmere Care : A Step by Step Guide

Posted on August 02 2017

Cashmere Care
A Step by Step Guide
We constantly get concerned customers who think that caring for cashmere is too complicated but we're here to tell you - it's not! In fact, it's quite therapeutic. This guide will help you maintain the quality of your cashmere - we recommend you put the radio on and take the time to relax into it.

The Kit
You will need:
- a large basin
-a pot of luke warm water
-a soft detergent
- a towel
-a moth proof laundry bag
-a cashmere comb
-a cashmere item that needs a wash.
Contrary to popular belief, pilling on cashmere is not a sign of poor quality or a design fault. The pilling is a natural characteristic of the long fibers and can be easily removed using a cashmere comb. Avoid de-pilling precious cashmere pieces too often as this may result in holes.

Cashmere is a hand wash only item. Regardless of what your washing machine says, we truly would never trust even the newest washing machine with our precious cashmere. First, clean the washing basin to ensure there are no other cleaning products in there that may damage your cashmere. Once clean, fill your sink or basin with luke-warm water.
Add the recommended amount of fine-garment detergent and briskly run your hand through the water to mix in the detergent and create suds (bubbles). Investing in a specialized fine garment detergent will maintain the sumptuous, sink-into quality of your cashmere pieces. This detergent is available through The Cashmere Company.

Submerge the sweater in the water and gently squeeze the suds through it. Spot treat any problem areas with a squirt of neat detergent and gently massage with fingertips. Rinse and repeat where necessary and allow the garment to soak for a few minutes.
Drain the basin and rinse your sweater with cool water until the water rinses clear. To remove excess water, gently press the garment against the side of the basin. Never twist or squeeze your sweater when wet as, just like human hair, this is when the fibers are at their most delicate and therefore most likely to break.
Once the excess water is pressed out, lay the garment lengthwise on a clean, dry bath towel. Roll up the towel and press with your palms to squeeze out excess water - do not wring or twist.
Remove the sweater from the towel and smooth it out into its original shape. Lay the sweater flat on a dry towel and allow it to air-dry, or use a drying rack if you have one. Button up cardigans and pull pockets straight and ensure that sleeves and hems are laid flat to avoid unsightly wrinkles.

We recommend you store your cashmere in a tightly closed laundry bag with cedar balls or similar natural moth repellant. Moths are the #1 cashmere lovers and will go to great lengths to ensure they find your favorite jumper and chump right down the middle.

Do not hang cashmere as it will de-shape your garment.


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